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Southeast Development Network is voluntary, nongovernmental and nonprofit association, established for unlimited period of time, for the purpose of achieving objectives in the area of regional development of South and Eastern Serbia.  

The following Regional Development Agencies adjoin the Association:

  • Regional Development Agency „South“
  • Regional Development Agency „Branicevo-Podunavlje“
  • Center for the Development of Jablanica and Pcinja Districts
  • RARIS, Regional Development Agency Eastern Serbia

Objectives of the Association are the following:

  • Support to establishment of legal and institutional framework for planning, organization, coordination and realization of development activities,
  • Stimulating inter-municipal, inter-regional, cross-border and international cooperation on issues of joint interest,
  • Consultation activities with all subjects aiming at balanced regional development,
  • Public advocacy of balanced regional development,
  • Development of competitiveness at all levels,
  • Decrease of regional and intra-regional disparities in the degree of socio-economic development and living conditions, with the accent on stimulating the development of underdeveloped, devastated industrial and rural areas,
  • Development of economy based on knowledge, innovativeness, contemporary scientific and technological achievements and management organization,
  • Decrease of negative demographic movements,
  • Citizens` education in different areas of socio-economic development.

For the purpose of achieving its objectives, the Association in particular performs the following activities:

  1. Organizes, independently or in cooperation with other organizations, expert gatherings, counsellings, seminars and other forms of education ion the area of balanced regional development,
  2. Publishes publications on issues related to regional development, in line with the Law,
  3. Engages experts for education of its members and other stakeholders in the area of balanced regional development,
  4. Engages in different works in the area of strategic planning, programming and project cycle management,
  5. Organizes and conducts researches related to regional development,
  6. Cooperates with universities, schools, professional associations, nongovernmental and other organizations in the country and abroad, with purpose of enhancing regional development,
  7. Actively advocates for equality of all its citizens and is against any form of discrimination,
  8. Organizes public advocacies on the subject of regional development,
  9. Actively works on promotion and development of all parts of the region and its potentials,
  10. Actively engages in promotion of balanced regional development.


Southeast Development Network

Kej kola Srpskih Sestara 3/2
18000 Niš

email. office@jrm.rs
Internet. www.jrm.rs

Zaječar Office:
Trg Oslobođenja 1
19000 Zaječar

tel. +381 (0)19 426 376

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